VNH5019 power source during programming

Hi All,

Quick question. I have the Pololu VNH5019 (ash02a) and an Arduino Leonardo. I’m looking to program it, but would prefer to do so without actually attaching the motors. I planned on using solely the LED indicators on the board for testing and seeing how it responds to the code.

Here’s my question: Is there a way to power it just to be able to get the LED lights to work through power from the Arduino? If not, can I simply hook up a 9V battery (square kind) to the large VIN and GND blue terminal connections and have it function? As there will be no motors, I’m guessing powering the shield using a low current power source such as this would be fine, but also wanted to make sure.

Should you require more information, please ask and I’ll try my best to help you help me. Thanks everyone!




The VNH5019 needs at least 5.5V supplied to VIN for those LEDs to work, and the Leonardo does not have an output that supplies higher than 5V. If you only plan on using the VNH5019 to power those on board LEDs and not drive motors, it should be okay to use the 9V battery for VIN.


Thanks for the helpful response!