VNH5019 not working


I’m trying to get a VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier working with my Beaglebone Green. I’m using the following Bonescript code:
var b = require(‘bonescript’);
b.pinMode(‘P8_7’, b.OUTPUT);
b.digitalWrite(‘P8_7’, b.HIGH);
b.pinMode(“P8_8”, b.OUTPUT);
b.digitalWrite(‘P8_8’, b.LOW);
b.analogWrite(‘P8_13’, 0.8, 2000, printJSON);
function printJSON(x) { console.log(JSON.stringify(x)); }

Pins P8_7 and P8_8 are connected to INA and INB on the motor shield. P8_13 is connected to the PWM pin. 3.3 Volt logic power is supplied by the beaglebone and 9.6 Volt by a battery for the motor power.
I checked all pins on the driver with a multimeter. All voltages are correct. However the LEDs are not lighting up and OUTA, OUTB as well as CS don’t show any voltage.
Is there any other possible reason for this besides a faulty shield? The PWM frequency is set to 2000 Hz, but that should be fine, right?


It looks like your soldering needs a lot of attention, so I suggest starting there. You can see how your soldering compares to the common soldering problems listed in the Adafruit Guide To Excellent Soldering. The guide also shows how to repair those issues. Can you touch up all of those connections and post some pictures of both sides of the VNH5019 board so we can check your results?