VNH5019 no OUTA/OUTB voltage


I have VNH5019 (signle) driver and I use it to power a DC motor. I don’t see any voltage on OUTA/OUTB pins.

I am using NodeMCU which I power from the laptop and a 12V battery to power the motor.

I connect INA, VDD, PWM to 3V output from the controller.
I connect GND, INB of the driver to GND of the controller.

I see the green LED ON on the driver but there is no voltage between OUTA and OUTB on the connector (I do see 13V on between VIN and GND and Vout and GND). Am I doing something wrong? Isn’t LED supposed to only be on when there is 12V between OUTA and OUTB?


The problem was in the included connector or in my soldering. I removed the connector and now I can read healthy 12V on the OUTA/OUTB.

Sorry for the false alarm.

the post can probably be deleted. Didn’t find a way to delete it myself.



Hello, Uladzimir.

I am glad to hear that you were able to narrow down the source of the problem.

It is uncommon for us to hear about the terminal blocks or headers we provide with the VNH5019 being problematic, so I suspect a soldering issue is more likely. The Adafruit Guide to Excellent Soldering might be a helpful reference for checking your solder joints and correcting any suspect ones. You are also welcome to post pictures of your soldered connections here, and we can let you know if they look okay or not.

- Patrick