VNH5019 motor driver with x-bee and sparkfun wireless joystick

Anyone out there have any experience with the VNH5019 motor driver coupled with the sparkfun Wireless Joystick.
I have a wild thumper 4wd added an arduino uno and I loaded the test code and that worked great. Now onto using the wireless joystick…with x-bee. I have two x-bees that have been paired. the available test code for the joystick is for a different motor driver card so I can’t get it to do anything. Im looking for some basic code that I can load onto both and be able to get the thumper moving with the x-bees



I am glad that you were able to get your VNH5019 working with your Arduino Uno. We do not have any code that allows someone to control motors with SparkFun’s Wireless Joystick Kit, a pair of XBees, and a VNH5019. You would have to write your own code to interpret the signals from the XBees and control your motors in the specific ways you want. However, if you have the VNH5019 shield, you should be able to get a good start on that by using the functions in our Arduino library for the shield. Those functions are documented on the GitHub page for that library.