VNH5019 Motor Driver (not Dual) compatible with Arduino?

Currently I’m using the Dual version with the Arduino Uno, which works fine. The available I/O pins on the Arduino Uno with the Dual version are much reduced. Because I’m using only one motor, I could save some I/O pins if I use VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier (Single motor).

My questions:

  • Can I use this Single version for Arduino? I know you cannot stack it on the arduino, but I will do the wiring.
    - Can I use the Dual library?


The VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier is compatible with Arduino boards. You should be able to use the Arduino library for the dual VNH5019 carrier with the single carrier; however, it will still use the same number of pins (e.g. the library does not have any special consideration for using the single VNH5019 carrier).

If your goal is to use less I/O pins for controlling the motor, it probably is not practical to use the library as it is, but you might consider using it as a base for creating your own library for the single VNH5019 carrier.