VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier problem

i tried to control a 12 v dc motor but the driver never turn on, i connect the driver as the image of the “Minimal wiring diagram” but the driver still not working, in the VDD input i put 5v and the pwm signal i use an arduino, in the VIN of the motor i use an 12v battery and in the “ena and enb” i put it in 5v, can you tell me whats wrong?


I am sorry you are having trouble getting your VNH5019 carrier to work. It sounds like you are not doing anything with the INA and INB pins, which are used to set the direction of rotation. You can learn more about how those pins work inside the “Waveforms and truth table” section of the VNH5019 datasheet, which we link to under the Resources tab of the VNH5019’s product page. If the driver still does not work after you try sending those signals, can you post pictures that clearly show your connections?

By the way, ENA and ENB are already pulled up to the logic supply, so you do not need to connect them to 5V.


Here is some good info on the driver:

and … shield.pdf

And the code will answer your questions as well,