VNH5019 M2 Fault question

I have searched and read a few threads related to M2 fault on the VNH5019 Dual controller.
First off i will try to briefly describe my problem, then what i have done so far and where i am at.
When i load the demo code provided with the arduino library I get a m2 fault. I tried it on a UNO and a Diecimiela(sp). Same results both boards.
From there i began searching the forums. I came across the following thread.

There is a great photo with a description of how to measure continuity between various points. I did this and found everything to be fine.
From there i wrote a simple sketch to test each motor.
First i tested M1 with this(sorry for any mistakes as this is off the top of my head and the actual code is on a different computer)
I also left in code telling it to stop if any faults were found (copied from the demo sketch)

This worked fine.

Then i did the same thing for motor 2. This caused a fault and the code stopped as it should have with a M2 fault.
I commented out the code telling it to stop upon a fault and the motor ran exactly as it should.
My concern is that a fault is showing up. I currently do not have a working probe for my scope so i cant look at the output on a scope currently. in a few days i am going to be torn away from this project for a couple of months but hopefully i can get pointed in the right direction so when i pick this back up in a couple of months i can finish troubleshooting this and move on.
If photos are needed/wanted i can provide but i may be slow at getting to them.
Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.


Could you try running the same code without the motor connected and see if you still get motor faults? Also, could you tell me more about the motor you are using (what is its stall current and free-run current)?

- Jeremy

Hi Jeremy
Thanks for the response. Just logging on one last time before being offline for two weeks. I will be sure to test this without the motors and report back my results as well as the info on the motors.

Just checking in to avoid being one who asks a question and never returns. It may be a while before I get back to this project but when I do I will pick up with this thread. Thanks