VNH5019: both motors can go forward but 1 motor can reverse


I am using arduino uno and pololu dual VNH5019 motor driver shield to control 2 dc motors.
I programmed both motors to go forward and reverse.
When I test it, both motors can go forward but when its reversing , only one motor is moving while the other motor isn’t moving.
I replaced the current driver with a new one but I still got the same problem.
How do I fix this ?


Since you have the same issue with both drivers, I suspect the problem is probably in your code, wiring, or motor. Could you try using the demo code in our VNH5019 library to see if that works? If that doesn’t fix it, could you try swapping the two motors to see if the issue follows the motor or the driver output? Could you also post pictures of your setup that show all the connections and soldering?


Hi, i have finally figured it out thanks for the help