VNH5019 Arduino Shield no function as General motor driver

my name is Thomas and im from Germany. I’m new at this forum and also in robotics. So excuse me for my bad english and maybe stupid questions.

I’ve bought a VNH5019 Arduino shield, and solderd all the connectors. I uploaded the Demo code to my arduino and stick this to together. Every thing works fine. But i don’t want to use it as a shield because it should be placed next to the arduino in a box.
I tried to get it working as a general motor driver like descriped in this link I’ve jumpered the connections like shown in the Picture just for one motor for testing.

Pin mapping

Arduino -> VNH5019
2 -> M1INA
4 -> M1INB
9 -> M1PWM
5V -> VDD

But there is no reaction. Did i miss something here?

Hello, Thomas.

Those pin connections should be okay. Can you tell me more about your setup? How are you supplying motor power and power to your Arduino? Is the Arduino power jumper on or off? Can you also post pictures of the shield that clearly show your connections and soldering joints?