VNH5019 and Arduino

How to specify number of steps to take for each motor using the library when using the geared motor
like 172:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx56L mm HP 6V with 48 CPR Encoder.

Thank you


Our VNH509 Arduino library does not have any support for encoders, so there are no functions in it for moving a certain distance or number of steps. Arduino’s rotary encoder page has lots of information and example libraries for encoder that you might find helpful.

If you post more about your application, I might be able to offer some suggestions on how to implement your encoders.


Thank you for the reply. Am interested in making a two wheeled (3rd one a caster wheel) chassis that can move in a programmable (curves broken into series of small line segments) path. With a pen attached, should draw the path.

Since the motor DC motors with encoder (172:1 gear) says 8425 counts per revolution, was hoping it will be granular enough to not be too deviant from intended path.

Please suggest if this makes sense, and the parts that I should order apart from motors themselves from pololu site, at your earliest.

Thank you

I think encoders like the ones on our 25D gearmotors should work for driving a robot on a predetermined path. Besides the Arduino and your motors and chassis, I do not see any other obvious parts you would need.