VNH3SP30 -- missing resistors?

On the VNH3SP30 I recently bought, there seems to be six SMD resistors missing; three in the upper-left row and three in the lower-left row. This is when compared to the pictures on the website. However, as I bought 2 (always like to have a spare!) my guess is that this is actually intentional – either the website pictures are of the VHN2 board, or there was a design change after the pictures.

I looked at the text, description, and resources tabs, but couldn’t find any mention of this, so on the off chance there’s something wrong, could someone please confirm/deny this and perhaps update the pictures or website description?


Those components are intentionally not populated. The VNH2 and VNH3 carriers use the same PCB, and the missing components are used in the VNH2 current sense circuit (the VNH3 does not have current sense). We just use the same picture on for both products; if you look closely, you can see the ICs are labeled VNH2SP30. It looks like the page currently incorrectly says:

I will edit this to mention that the VNH3 version might not have the current sense circuit populated.

- Ben

Thanks; that makes sense.