VNH2SP30 MD01B Wiring Help

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a side-project using VNH2SP30 MD01B motor driver carriers to drive a solenoid (voice coil style, if that makes a difference), but I’ve run into the same problem twice: the OUTA and OUTB pins appear to short after the board has been powered for a few seconds, frying the vias next to OUTB, as show in the link below (burnt area is circled).

This comes from having the carrier board wired as follows (when the board fries, anyway):

PSU indicates the connection to a switched-mode power supply unit. The Uno is also grounded to the PSU ground.

Does anyone see anything terribly wrong with the setup? Identical wiring, discounting the OUT pins, works for three motors also driven by MD01Bs connected to the Arduino board. Any advice would be appreciated!


I am sorry you are having trouble with your VNH2SP30 motor driver. Could you describe how you have your motor drivers mounted? Please note that the top two mounting holes are electrically connected to the OUT A node in order to increase thermal dissipation, which makes it possible to inadvertently short circuit multiple driver outputs together if they are mounted to the same metal surface with metal screws.

- Zeeshan

Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I probably should have mentioned how things were mounted in my initial post, but each driver is set off from an aluminum plate with nylon standoffs and screwed into the standoffs with a nylon screws. This gives 1/4" clearance from the plate and should, in theory, prevent any accidental electrical connections.

I do not see any problems with what you have told me so far, but I suspect your problem is in the details of the implementation, and I do not have a good understanding of your setup. Can you describe exactly what your setup was like when your board(s) failed (e.g. did you have multiple drivers doing something at once)? Some pictures of this setup would be very helpful. Also, can you tell me more about your solenoid and your power supply?

How many of your three drivers have “fried”, and are those fried boards still functional?

- Zeeshan