VL53L1X Library

Hello there,

I have ordered 5 of VL53L1X carrier boards so when they arrive I want to use them right away but that ST API is quite large and a bit complicated so I am asking you when will you release the library for Arduino or should I write my own if you are not planning to release it soon?

Best regards, Andrija.

Hi, Andrija.

We hope to have a basic library available within a week or two.


VL53L1X – same here the device works great, inside at least, but when compiling on a nano just the demo takes 67%! It is a great little sensor.

We’ve released a basic VL53L1X library that can be found on GitHub. It hasn’t been added to the Arduino Library Manager yet, but if you are eager to try it out, you can install it manually.

2018-06-05 edit: the library is now available in the Library Manager.


I want to use the VL53L1X with Raspberry pi 3 but I need the library files for it ,I cannot use those files of Arduino obviously.Can you suggest me how to proceed ?
when will the linux libraries for VL53L1X be released ?

Thanks in advance

Hi, chetan1.

We do not currently have any plans to release anything specific for using the VL53L1X with a Raspberry Pi, but you could look into adapting ST’s API for the RPi yourself. If you want to try, you might find it helpful to look at this port of the VL53L0X API for the Raspberry Pi, since the platform-specific part should be very similar.


Thank you Kevin
I have gone through the ST API provided and its helpful for VL53L0X .
But VL53L1X has many changes in names of the functions compared to VL53L0X ,that will be a hectic task though to go through every functions in VL53L0X and changing it for VL53L1X using the link for VL53L0X API.
Especially examples.
Is there any other easy way for adapting VL53L0X API to VL53L1X?

Thanks in advance

Just to be clear, you do not have to adapt the VL53L0X API to work with the VL53L1X. ST has made a VL53L1X API available (my first link above), and what you need to do to get it working on the Raspberry Pi is to implement some platform-specific functions for it (mainly low-level I2C operations). You should be able to take a lot of that platform-specific code from the VL53L0X API that Mathieu Cassard (cassou) has ported to the Raspberry Pi (my second link above).


Hello Kevin, what about if I want to read VL53L1X sensor data in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS? I want to know if the sensor works in Ubuntu. I don’t have arduino by the way, i have a debug board.


We do not have any specific advice for using the VL53L1X with an Ubuntu system. I recommend looking at adapting ST’s API to compile and run on Ubuntu, and if you have trouble, you might consider asking on ST’s forum.


Do we have any implementation of Libraries for using VL53L1X in Raspberry pi 4 now. Because using the API seems complicated.
A guide on how to use the API will be useful.

Also will we be able to get it working in Raspberry pi by using the libraries provided by other manufacturers. I need to use it for an project, urgently so please reply asap @kevin

Hello, Rahul.

We still do not have a library or a specific guide for using the VL53L1X with a Raspberry Pi, and we do not currently have any plans for making one.

- Patrick

Adafruit has a python library for the VL53L0X. Will this work with the VL53L1X?

No, a library written for the VL53L0X will not work with the VL53L1X. It appears that there is a similar Adafruit CircuitPython library for the VL53L1X though, but please note that we have not tried it with our boards.

- Patrick