VL53L0X multiple sensor integration on atmega2560

i want to interface multiple VL53L0X sensor on atmega2560 and get reading of all the sensor simultaneously i already seen many post regarding this but all of them uses ardunio ide
But i have to code it using AVR studio using C librarray So please help me to interface and Get simultaneouslr reading of 3 VL53L0X sensor at sae time
libaray using:


We cannot write your program for you, but we can answer questions about your code and help you with specific problems that you run into. You might also consider asking the person who wrote the library that you are using for help.

- Amanda

So just give me some hint like in other simar topic I see same problem solved by using official library for arduino in which for every sensor an instance /object of VL53L0X was made but the c library I mentioned I can’t create an object so just give some clue how to progress

One way to keep track of multiple sensors without using objects might be to make each function take an address so it knows which sensor to talk to.

- Amanda