Vibration Motor 11.6×4.6×4.8mm

do polou have similar product without vibration part just rotates?(or can i program vibration programmicly)
the asymmetric shape of the shaft does help(not full round crescent like)

can i control it l precisely ( like order to rotate 90 degrees?)

I need some very miniature locking mechanism which does not draw a lot of power(both current and voltage), any suggestion will be welcomed.
best regards

Hello, Joseph.

When powered, this motor just rotates and does not have any built in feedback for doing position control. To get position control, you might consider using something like a small servo or solenoid. You can compare all of the servos in the “RC Servos” category by size using the “Compare all products in this category” tool at the top of the category.

We do not carry solenoids, and I do not have any recommendations of where you might find some.

- Grant

Hi grant,
thankx for the answer.
a) looked at a servo motor
I need to connect it to either arduino/bread board, however it has a connection i’m not familiar with.
Sub-Micro Servo 3.7g (Generic)(like this for instance)
do i need a special cable or motor controller ?
I already have arduino + Motor Driver 1A Dual TB6612FNG

b)will it work with 5V/3,3V DC

You do not need a motor driver. You can control a servo directly from an Arduino using the Arduino servo library. Please note, if you decide to use an Arduino, you should make sure not to power the servo from the Arduino’s 5V out.

Alternatively, you could also use a servo controller like our Maestro servo controller. You might find the getting started video on the category page useful for learning more about the Maestro.

If you want to learn more about how hobby servo work and what kind of signals they accept, you might find these blog posts helpful.

- Grant