Using VNH5019 with 24VDC motors

I’d like to use this to drive a pair of wheel chair motors. But most motors are 24VDC and I noticed this comment:

Is there any way to work around this and use this module to control the motors? Thanks for any suggestions!

If you want to use the VNH5019, you might be able to just limit the power supply you use to less than 24V. If it is a battery source, you should use a battery that has a maximum voltage when fully charged of less than 24V. Note that, lowering the voltage will also reduce the maximum torque and speed of the motor.

However, it has been my observation that wheelchair motors typically draw much more current than the VNH5019 can handle continuously, so I recommend checking the stall current of the motors you have against the continuous current of the VNH5019 to be sure the driver can handle that kind of current.


Thanks for the quick response.

Really? The one’s I’ve seen say they draw max 3.0A @ 24VDC, which seems within the range of the VNH5019.

I’m thinking I might be able to put a voltage regulator to maintain 24VDC… assuming I can find one that can source enough current.

I’d be curious if anyone has tried using the VNH5019 with such motors.

I would not expect 24V, 3A motors to be able to propel a wheelchair under load. If you post a link to a motor’s datasheet you are interested in, I would be glad to take a look. It is hard to give you any advice without knowing more about the specific motor you want to use.


Thanks for the offer. After looking closer, I’m pretty sure that the 3A rating is under no load. :frowning:

I’ll try and find out the stall current for the motor(s).