Using two Dual VNH5012 DC motor drivers simultenously


Last year, during a project of mine, I had to use two Dual VNH5012 motor drivers simultaneously to drive 4 DC motors. Unfortunately, the default Dual VNH5012 library was not suitable for simultaneous usage of two of them. So, I modified the default library and I would like to share my version with you in case someone needs such a thing. You can reach the my repository using the below link.


Thank you,


Thanks for sharing! We plan to take a look at your modified library soon.

By the way, you are using “VNH5012” (with a 2) in your post and on your GitHub page (e.g. the name of the library and the README), and you probably mean “VNH5019” (with a 9), which is the driver used on our boards.