Using Tic Stepper Driver in Conjunction with Arduino Uno

Is it possible to control stepper motors initially with Arduino to perform a set number of tasks then switch over to control using Tic500 in RC mode? If not, is there another approach that can be taken to accomplish the same?


The Tic is not able to swap between different input modes on-the-fly, but there are a few ways you could go about doing something like that.

Probably the most practical way would be setting the Arduino and Tic up for TTL serial or I2C communication. Then, when you’re ready to switch the control over to your RC signal, you can use the Get variable command to read the “RC pulse width” variable from the Tic and map that to an appropriate target value.

You can find more information about the Get variable command and “RC pulse width” variable in the Command reference and Variable reference sections of the Tic user’s guide, respectively.

Alternatively, you might be able to set the Tic up for RC control and generate RC signals from your Arduino to perform the tasks prior to switching control over to your other RC signal, which you can do using a multiplexer.


I appreciate the info! Can I get a multiplexer from Pololu/is there one you would recommend?

The closest thing we have would be this 4-Channel RC Servo Multiplexer, which is switched with another RC signal and is generally overkill for what you’re doing. However, it looks like SparkFun has a simple multiplexer breakout board available.