Using Tic 36v4 with stepper driver

I have a Tic36v4 that I’m going to use to control my Nema 23, bipolar, 2.8A, 3.2V stepper motor. I also have a DM 542T stepper driver. Is there any advantage to using the Tic36v4 with the 542T stepper driver? Maybe less heat build up? Or, should I just use the drivers on the Tic36v4 board?



There should not be any problems with using the Tic 36v4 directly with your stepper motor, so my general advice would probably be to do that and keep your setup simple unless you really need a specific feature from the 542T.

I did a quick scan of the 542Tdatasheet and seems like you might be able to use the STEP/DIR signals from the Tic to control it, but whether that gives you any advantages probably depends on what you are trying to do in your particular application. I am not sure if using the 542T would lead to less heat build up. Its enclosure might be beneficial for keeping most of the heat from the driver contained and for obstructing any accidental contact with components that might get hot, but that also probably makes any steps you could take to keep things running cooler (like adding heat sinks or forced airflow) less effective.

- Patrick

Thanks Patrick. Getting quick advise like this is exactly why I went with Pololu.