Using the wheel encoder with an unpowered wheel?

Hi there –

I was wondering if it is possible to use the wheel encoder in combination with the 42x19mm wheel without using a motor?

I presume a motor is needed to provide the mechanical connection between the wheel and the encoder plus bracket?

Is there a simple passive alternative to a motor that will connect things together while allowing the wheel to turn freely?

I want a free turning wheel that can report via an encoder how fast it is being pushed along, a separate power source elsewhere will be doing the actual pushing.

I’m looking to use it as a cheaper alternative to e.g. a Honeywell 600 series encoder.

If I do need a motor to provide the connection between wheel and encoder (plus bracket) then what is the cheapest motor that I can use that will provide the least resistance to turning when not actually powered itself?

Thanks for reading and for your help :slight_smile:



We do not carry a pre-made solution for what you are trying to do. However, you might try removing the gearbox from a micro metal gearmotor and using that. The gearbox (and shaft) can be mounted using the extended micro metal gearmotor bracket, and you can leave the motor out of your system. Without the motor, the gears in the gearbox will spin with relatively low resistance, and you should still be able to mount the wheel encoder.