Using the qik 2s9v1, need protection diodes?

I already have the Qik 2s9v1 dual motor controller, but before I use it, I have need to know about using “Schottky diodes” to protect the H-bridges inside the qik 2s9v1 motor controller. I looked everywhere in the Forum and the Resources, but found no mention at all about the need for the diodes for protection. For motors, I’m using various Timaya gearbox motors from Pololu. Also in my application, I’m using a limit switch that will “disconnect” the motor when it might reach the end of its travel, Will this hurt the H-bridges when exerting power and all of the sudden there’s no more load because the motor circuit connection is open?



For some reason Pololu does not identify the motor driver chip used in the qik 2s9v1, but the documentation suggests that it is similar to the TB6612FNG, which has built-in diodes. In any case, the 2s9v1 the users guide shows how to connect the motors. A capacitor, as shown, is always a good idea. It should not damage the motor driver to disconnect the motor with a limit switch.

Thanx Jim for your reply.

I did look up the motor driver, “TB6612FNG” which Pololu says that it’s using. I just noticed it. The protection diodes are built in.
I was hesitant to use the capacitor, since the motor could be clocked at high frequencies.

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