Using the Maestro with a PoKey chip


I’m new to the Pololu Maestro, and I’ve been using PoKeys chips for most of my projects.

Is it possible to set up a simple script for the maestro so that when it gets a signal from a pokey chip, it will move to the set location?

Basically the PoKey chip can give it +3.3v or use a relay

James E

Hi, James.

It is possible to trigger a subroutine within a script on the Maestro using a high or low input. You could the get_position and greater_than commands to check if the input is high and then the servo command to move the servo, as I wrote out below:

4000 1 servo
end if```

Since you are new to the Maestro, I recommend looking over the "The Maestro Scripting Language" section of the [Maestro user's guide]( for a list of all the commands and examples.