Using the included capacitor with 18v25 simple high power motor controller

I’m fairly new to electronics but know enough to tackle basic projects. I just bought two 18v25 simple high power motor controllers and I was reading that for applications over 15a it’s best to use thicker wire not the included terminals of pins. I was wondering if that includes the capacitor since the picture for the above 15a application does not show it to be soldered onto the board.


It sounds like you are talking about this picture, which is just showing an example of using thicker wires for the reason you already identified. You do not need to find thicker wires to add an external capacitor to the Simple Motor Controllers (SMCs). Soldering the included power capacitor directly to the SMC is best.


Yes thank you I got it up and running, even ran a few tests. Works awesome I’m very pleased with the controller and I’m looking forward to getting the project completed.