Using the encoder of 4755 Motor

Hello all,

I’m trying to test the encoder of the 4755 motors. Accroding the datasheet it has 64 pulses per rotation but if I want to measure just the speed on a rising flank I ave 16 pulses per rotation. Also I found in the manual that the gear ratio is 102.08. So if I want to determine the speed of the output shaft I think I should do this as follows:

measure the time of 16 pulses e.g. I mesure 500ms this is 1/0.005 = 200Hz in rpm this is:
200 * 60 = 12000 rpm, this is the motor speed so if I want the speed of the output shaft I devide this by 102.08:

12000/ 102.08 = 117.55 rpm

Above was just a arbitray example but when I apply 12 Vdc on the motor I come eventually at about 112 rpm, and this surprises me as according the spect the motor should run at 100 rpm @ 12 Vdc.
Maybe other can cofirm this deviation by experience and could tell me that this is about right, or do I make some mistakes in my calculation?

Thanks in advance


Your method for calculating the speed sounds good, and your result is within the range unit-to-unit variation we would expect.

- Patrick

Hi Patrick,

Sorry for the late reply I was away for a couple of days. Thanks for the info great to here.