Using a Roboclaw 60a to brake a mobility scooter motor with analog input

I’m using a Roboclaw 60a to build a wee go kart for my kids which is basically a modified mobility scooter.

As the mobility scooter doesn’t have a hydraulic brake, I was thinking of setting up another 0-5v analog pedal to be the brake. I will be using a switch to change between forward and reverse on the dash.

Is there a way to set the Roboclaw up so that it takes acceleration from the 0-5v accelerator pedal, BUT if the 0-5v brake pedal is push it’ll overide the accelerator pedal and cause the motor to come to a stop quickly?

Many thanks

Please note that we do not recommend our products for applications where failure could result in injury or significant property damage.

I do not know of any motor controllers that have a second analog input that can be used as brake override like you described.

By the way, as described in the “Analog Control” section of the RoboClaw user manual, the RoboClaw’s analog converter has an operating range of 0V to 2V, so your 0-5V signal will get truncated if you try to use it.