Use two DRV8835 boards (to control 4 motors) with Arduino?

I was wondering if it is possible to use two (or more) DRV8835 boards to control 4 (or more) motors, when interfacing with an Arduino?

The functions in the Arduino library are hardcoded for “M1” and “M2”, so I think I know the answer, but figured I would ask the question.

Thanks in advance!


It is possible to use more than one DRV8835 with one Arduino. Our library does not support that, however, so it would require you to either modify it or write some of your own code. You would also need to connect each driver to different Arduino I/O pins.

The number of DRV8835 boards that you can control will depend on the number of PWM pins available on your Arduino board and which control mode you want to use. For example, the DRV8835’s phase-enabled mode only needs two PWM pins per board, but in-in mode requires four PWM pins.

- Amanda

Great, thanks for the response and information.