Use of Switching Power Supplies with JRK21v3

I am working on a project that could use up to 120 JRK21v3 controllers running large servos ( see GearWurx). I am trying to pick the correct 12V power supplies to use for the application. Will likely break the project up into groups of 10-20 controllers. The servos each draw 3A max so I would be looking at 500w ( 10 motor) and 1000W ( 20 motors) supplies to power the sub-systems. I would prefer to use switching style power supplies for the installation, but wanted to get some feedback on whether the JRK21v3 worked well with these type of supplies. Any input someone could give would be a big help.



Hi, Chuck.

Using a switching power supply with the our jrk controllers should be fine. Anything else would likely be unpractically large and expensive anyway.


I am using the same servos on a project and have been having problems with the servo tripping out the Mean Well 12VDC switching power supply. I tried a parallel flyback diode across the power lines, but it didn’t help. Then I put a large diode in series in the power line and the power supply was happy, but the driver board blew because the regen power had nowhere to go. I was told that a large electrolytic cap across the power lines would help. Any suggestions?


Hello, Doug.

A large electrolytic capacitor can definitely help. Depending on your setup, adding some transient voltage suppression like a (big) zener diode or the shunt regulator circuit discussed in this blog post might also be helpful.