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Use multiple JRK 12v12 motor controller with Feedback

I have one system which uses 12 LACT actuators. I want to attach 12 Nos. of JRK 12v12 controllers. What is the best schematic and approach to achieve this. Please suggest.


To communicate with multiple Jrk 12v12 controllers, you could either connect each one through USB (probably using powered USB hubs) or by using the TTL serial interface and daisy-chaining them. The latter is likely more practical for 12 units. You can find information about doing this in the “Daisy-Chaining” section of the Jrk user’s guide.

By the way, if you have not already gotten the Jrk 12v12 controllers, you might consider the newer Jrk G2 Motor Controllers, which are better in many ways. One benefit would be the addition of an I2C interface, which removes the need for the AND gate that the TTL serial interface requires to get information back from the controllers when daisy-chaining Jrks.