Unipolar stepper motor doubts

I want to clear some doubts about unipolar stepper motor and stepper motors generaly.
I have unipolar stepper motor:
TEC, 8V, 10 Ohm/phase, 1.8 Degrees per step, 6 wires.

Is this means that if I’m using A4988 driver to drive this motor as bipolar (not using central wires) that each phase draws 400 mA at 8 V (8/(2*10)) and that in this configuration one step is now 3.6 degrees???



I do not expect the step resolution to change by not using the central wire (retaining the 1.8 degrees per step). At 8 V, your stepper motor will probably only draw a maximum of 400 mA. The coils on your stepper motor should be able to handle 800 mA, so you can probably safely run it at a higher voltage (16 V) and set the A4988 stepper motor driver’s current limit to 800 mA.

- Jeremy