Understanding the Tic settings file (max_decel)

Hello all,

I have a question regarding the max_decel variable setting for the Tic 36v4. In your GUI I set a flag that the max acceleration limit should be used for deceleration.

Reading the settings file with ticcmd I get the variable max_decel set with 0. Does the motor driver look, if there is a 0, and sets the max_decel = max_accel?

Thank you.

Yes, when the “Use max acceleration limit for deceleration” option is enabled, the value for max_decel in the settings file is set to 0, which tells to the Tic to use the value for max acceleration.


Thanks Brandon,

My first question is about setting the max_decel value via Serial, even when the “Use max acceleration limit for deceleration” option is enabled. Does the Tic overwrites this 0 to my newly set value? And can I enable this option afterwards sending a 0 to be set as max_decel over Serial ? (And therefore using max_accel value also as max_decel).

I often change the max_accel values, because the motor effort is position-based (max_accel is always same as max_decel). Should I never touch the max_decel value and let it to be 0 or is it a better way to always send both the newly set max_accel and max_decel values over Serial (data consistency)?

Thanks for your help.

The settings in EEPROM are loaded when the device is powered up. After that, when you use serial commands to temporarily override the acceleration settings, they are not automatically linked to each other. If you set the maximum deceleration value to 0, the Tic will set it equal to the current max acceleration value, as described in the Command reference section of the Tic user’s guide.

So, if you want to change them throughout your program (but keep them equal to each other), you could send separate commands for each setting to set them to the same value (or set the max acceleration to what you want first, then send a “Set max deceleration” command with a value of 0).