Unable to get Qik 2s12v10 to respond

Finally tried hooking-up my motor controller. Went throughout the config routine and no device id was observed… Tried the demo routine and once again it never produced a firmware number.
Suspect communication error. Using a UNO R3 an arduino ver 1.0.4. I have not soldered the jumpers for the baud rate so it should auto baud. Also when the GND is connected to arduino the heartbeat light goes off. Board is being powered with !2vdc.
Any ideas

Tried to two arduino routines for testing the Qik controller. It appears that I have a communication problem. In the config routine no device ID is sent. In the demo program no firmware number is sent.

I have not soldered the baud rate jumpers on as I understood that these are not needed for auto bauding.
I also lose the heartbeat light when the ground is connected. That seems weird.
I using an UNO R3 and a 12vdc power supply with arduino ver 1.0.4.


How did you determine that the device ID and firmware number did not get sent? What does the serial monitor return when you run each program? Is an error returned or does the red LED blink? Could you tell me more about your setup? What are you using for a power supply? How do you have everything connected? Could you post pictures showing all your connections?

- Grant

[attachment=1]1photo.JPG[/attachment]Hi Grant,

TX-pin2, RX-pin3, Reset-pin4
No error light visible
Photo 2 shows Serial Monitor View

Hi Grant,
Seems like a communication error. See attached photos.
No error messages or red light showing.
Qik is connected to 12vdc, TX-pin2,RX-pin3,Reser-pin4
See picture of setup and screen monitor view.

From your picture, it looks like your connections are actually RX to pin 2, TX to pin 3, and GND connected to pin 4. Could you try fixing the connections and adding a ground connection between the Arduino and Qik to see if that fixes the problem? If your not sure which pins to connect to on the QIk you can refer to the “Connecting the Qik” section of the Qik 2s12v10 User’s Guide.

- Grant

Hey Grant, when I first wrote down pin out on a paper so I didn’t have to lift it up to look the bottom for the designations , I made a dyslexic mistake and transcribe wrong. I can’t believe you could discern them as wrong via the picture I sent you. I should have realized when I keep trying to ground the board, the heartbeat light went out.
Anyway I’m big enough person say I made a foolish error that you corrected me on.