Unable to detect Polulu Motor as Virtual Comport on windows 10

Hi All,

I am using polulu T249 on windows platform. I have installed windows drivers and also TIC control centre. Window unable to detect the Polulu motor connected over USB as Virtual Comport.

I am able to communicate to the device using USB with command line utility. But unable detect the device as virtual comport over USB.

I would really appreciate your suggestions.


Hello, Sandeep.

The Tic does not have a USB virtual COM port. Can you tell me more about what you are trying to do?


Hi Brandon,

Sorry for the delayed response. I have installed the drivers as described in this link

When I plug the polulu T49 to my windows 10 machine. Below attached device manager snippet

Device is not recognised as Serial COM port.


The user’s guide you linked to is for our Simple Motor Controllers, which are a different family of product, so the drivers and information in that guide do not apply to the Tic.

You can find driver download links and installation instructions for the Tic in the Tic user’s guide.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Tic does not have a USB virtual COM port (unlike the Simple Motor Controllers), so you will not see a serial COM port for it (even when the appropriate drivers are installed). If you want to communicate with the Tic through serial using USB, you will need a USB-to-serial adapter.