U3V50ALV Output Control


I am designing something that requires different output voltages (at relatively high current) at different times. I can see the output of the U3V50ALV is controlled by a trimpot but I wondered, could the output voltage be controlled a microprocessor?

Are the detailed specs and schematics available for the U3V50ALV? I couldn’t find them on the website.



Hi, Franc.

Unfortunately, we do not know of an easy way to control the output voltage of our adjustable regulators from a microcontroller. How many different voltages and what kind of transitions between them do you need?

We don’t make the schematic for that regulator available. Everything we make available about the regulator is on its product page; what detailed specs are you looking for?


Hi Claire.

I need to produce 3 output voltages - 6, 9 and 12V - for ~40-100mS, every 5 sec or so.

With respect to specifications I would like to know the following:

  • Device temperature rating.
  • Does Vout degrade gracefully or turn off abruptly when Vin drops below 2.9V?
  • Does Iout degrade gracefully or turn off abruptly when Vin drops below 2.9V?
  • What is the Iout and Vout waveform when a max Iin current load is applied (Vin is 3.3V)?


Those characteristics are generally beyond what we are prepared to specify. By the way, I think some of your questions do not even make sense, at least not without a lot more discussion (e.g. output current waveform is mostly up to your load). What kind of system are you trying to power or control?