U1V11A Adjustable Regulator Help Please


Trying to adjust the U1V11A to output 5V for a Raspberry Pi 2 build but when testing the device with a AA battery I can only manage to adjust the output to 4.22v if I turn the adjustment any further it will return to a zero reading.

Any ideas? Am I missing something here…

I know I have the multimeter set correctly becaus wi can get a reading from the AA battery of 1.5v

The U1V11A has a max output of 5.25v so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong



Hello, Ryan.

From your description it sounds like you might have adjusted the potentiometer too much and skipped from 4V to the invalid region at the end of the potentiometer range. Adjusting the potentiometer affects the output voltage exponentially, so the potentiometer must be moved more slowly at the top of the voltage range than the bottom.

What two points of the circuit are you measuring the voltage between?

By the way, the U1V11A regulator probably will not work well for running a Raspberry Pi 2. Depending on the configuration of your system, the Raspberry Pi 2 can draw an Amp or two, but that regulator can only deliver a couple hundred mA from a single AA battery.