Two vnh5019 adaptation

Hi for a electromagnet project i am using 1 VNH5019 carrierboard.
And i was wondering if 2 VNH5019 could be used together to reduce the heat dissipation of the chip. like one Hbridge is driven on the HIGH state and the other on the LOW State.

please have a look at vnh5019 as on the picture 14 on page 24 of the VNH5019 PDF.

do i have to adapt the Carrier board=?
do i also require two power supplies feeding the both vnh5019 or can i use one power supply?

many thanks

Bastiaan Pierik

Hi, Bastiaan.

You can use two VNH5019 drivers together to effectively double the current handling capability as shown in Figure 14 as you mentioned. The user’s guide for our dual VNH5019 shield has additional information in the Using the Driver in Single-Channel Mode section. You should not need to make any changes to carriers, only to your connections, and it is fine to power both carriers with the same supply.