Two stepper motors in a Raspberry Pi - what to use


I’m quite new to the Rpi programming (I’m basically a PHP developer) but I also like photography and I’d like to make a camera slider similar to this one

And I’ve done it (almost). With some open builds railds and wheels, a pulley… everything is in place. I also bought a Rpi, a couple of stepper motors and the adafruit stepper motor hat for the pi. But it just doesn’t work.

The first problem I encountered was the adafruit hat can’t manage the motors I initially bought because they are too powerful (apparently it can only manage motors that have at least a 10ohm resistance per phase, mine got 3.5).

So I bough another nema 17 motors, less powerful. But I have another problem, they only go in one direction plus they’re too weak to move the camera along the rail.

And thats what brings me here. I’d like to have some driver that I could use among the RPi and that could manage some mottors powerful enough to move the slider. And if it comes with any kind of library so I don’t have to figure it out how to program it that would be great too.

I’d also need to have some of the pins of the pi free to control more things on the slider, that was something pretty cool about the adafruit hat because it uses the i2c bus and leaves all the RPi pins available.

Any help would be much appreciate it


Without knowing more about your stepper motor (e.g. current per phase rating and voltage), I am not sure if any of our stepper motor drivers would be suitable for your application, and we do not have any libraries for our stepper motor drivers that work with the Raspberry Pi. In general, we recommend choosing a stepper motor driver that has a current per phase rating equal to or greater than the rating of the stepper motor you plan to use.

- Amanda