Two Jrk G2 21v3 on I2C network

Hi there!
I need to use two 21v3 boards on the same I2C network to drive some Light-Duty Linear Actuators with Feedback.
The 6.3 chapter ( Setting up I²C control) of “User’s Guide” tell us “You should use the Jrk G2 Configuration Utility to configure each Jrk to have a different “Device number”, which specifies the 7-bit I²C address to use.”
But I don’t have, in my version of configuration utility (pololu-jrk-g2-1.4.0-win.msi) this option!
My boards has 1.01 firmware version.
I’m on win 10 pro.

How do I set different I2C address to at least one of them?



The Device number field is under the Input tab below the Enable CRC checkbox in the Serial interface box of the Pololu Jrk G2 Configuration Utility.

- Amanda

Hi Amanda,
Many thanks, I just realise I need bigger glasses.

In the meantime, I solved by writing the desired address directly in the configuration file “serial_device_number:”, a file I uploaded and wrote to the device.

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