Tune JRK 12v12 to 30A Current

I bought two JRK 12v12 Controler and they working like a charme.
Problem now: for a new 360° SimPit i have to install a 350W 12V DC Motor with 30A normal current (peak 60A).
So please, is there any chance to tune up the JRK?
I even would solder the board with new parts to match this!

I know that the 60A RoboClaw would be the right thing…but i fear setup with Arduino and controller programming (with analog feedback) :unamused:



The jrk 12v12 has a maximum continuous output current per channel of 12A, with a peak current output of 30A. If you want to use a motor that has a 30A continuous current draw, you should probably choose a different motor controller that can handle that kind of current. I do not have any recommendations for another motor controller that can handle that kind of current with analog feedback and would not require setup like the RoboClaw.


Ok. Is it then possible to “slave” the RoboClaw?
E.g. the hole JRK in/out/position/feedback controller setup stays like it is, but export the signals via TTL or Aux to the RoboClaw, wich just takes care of pwm amplifying?

The jrk cannot be used to send control signals to the RoboClaw. The jrk only sends serial data in response to a serial command it receives. Using the jrk for everything but controlling the motor like you described would involve a separate microcontroller and likely be more complicated than using the RoboClaw’s features directly.


Thanks Brandon,
somehow i always thougt it turned out like this :slight_smile:
Question: I noted that the Claw has usb now and did a quick look on the software.
Could it maybe possible that i don´t need Arduino at all?
So i just send the digital singals (target angel position) generated from the X-SIM Software via USB Device to the Claw.
The Claw compares this with the analog feedback signal (true angel position, 5V)
and renders the right output signal.
Don´t mind my bad english, please.

I am not very familiar with the capabilities of the X-SIM software or the new Ion Motion software for the RoboClaw. You might try contacting the RoboClaw manufacturer, Ion Motion Control.