Trying To Drive Pololu 1477 With A4988 Step Motor Driver

Hello. I am working on a project. I used NEMA 17 before but the power of this motors was not enough for my project. After that I decided to buy Pololu 1477 Step motor 8,6V,1A. I was driving the NEMA17 with A4988 step motor driver but I can’t use the Pololu 1477 with the same driver. Can I drive this step motor with this driver? If I can what can you explain me the right connection of the cables? Or can you suggest me the true driver for this motor? Thank you.

In addition , I am using 9V 1.9A adapter for run the motor. Is this proper ? If it is not what is you suggestion? Thank You.


That power supply and one of our A4988 stepper motor driver carriers will work for driving the #1477 stepper motor. You can follow the minimal wiring diagram on the driver’s product page to make your connections. You will only need to connect 4 of the motor’s 6 wires to the driver. The coil pairs are shown in the diagram near the top of the motor’s product page and you can see the second FAQ on the motor page’s FAQs tab for more about using stepper motors with different numbers of leads.