Troubleshooting Help for JRK 12x12

I have been directed to this forum from the xsimulator forum. I am trying to determine if my controller is toast or if I can get it going again.

I am building a driving simulator and I am using JRK’s to control 12v worm gear motors. I am using a potentiometer as the feedback device for position.

During my setup activity and trying to get the PID numbers dialed in, I released the magic smoke from my pot. After investigating, I found a poor solder joint on one of the JRK pins. This allowed the pin to lean and make contact with another pin. At that time, I was using the -, + and FB positions. After trying a new pot and the JRK not “learning”/registering the different voltages, I swapped the JRK in question for another I had planned to use elsewhere.

I recently soldered new pins in the other row (-, + and AUX) hoping the JRK would see the voltage changes. No dice!

Now I am trying to find out if I can salvage the JRK or if it is beyond hope. For obvious reasons, I am trying to avoid dropping the $$ in the garbage can. The JRK is still recognized by the computer and doesn’t show any obvious visual damage.

So, does anyone know any ninja tricks to get this baby running? Thanks in advance for any advice or help.


Hello, Steve.

If smoke came from the jrk controller, it is very likely that it is damaged. A damaged component could damage other components on the board too, so even if you could determine which component is damaged and replace it, there is still a possibility it wouldn’t work. If you contact us directly at with your order information and reference this forum post, we can see if we might be able to help you out with a discount toward a replacement.