TRex Jr motor controller_shorting unused channels

I’m attempting to power two 100:1 mini gear motors using a TReX Jr motor controller. I’m also using two 5K pots on channel 1 & 2 to control speed. Unfortunately I’ve got channel 3 and two other channels floating. The users guide tells me to short the unused channels. How do I short these channels using hardware? I can’t get beyond the safe start mode until I do.

Have you tried using the “ignored channels” parameter in the TReX configuration?


What I’m attempting is this, which is from the users guide." An alternate, purely hardware-based solution would be to short any unused motor channels to a used one and to tie any unused “enable” channels (4 or 5) to Vcc (the 5-volt line). By shorting unused motor channels to a used one, you should be able to get past the safe-start portion of the TReX’s start-up routine" The question is how? I connected unused channel 3 to channel 2 and connected channels 4 & 5 to the Vcc but it doesn’t seem to work.


In order to get past safe-start mode, you need to not be commanding any of the motors to move, which by default happen when the voltage on channels 1, 2, and 3 is close to 2.5 V. Have you had the controller automatically learn the channel ranges yet? Is it easy for you to know when the pots you’re using are outputting 2.5 V?

- Ben