TREX DMC02 customizing & programming

Hi all,
Is it possible to create and program a custom software on this board ?
I’m searching for a stand alone board with 4 1/2H bridges, a microcontroller that’s easy (and cheap) to program and basic electronic around so that it can operate on a 12V battery. The 1/2H bridges would be used to switch loads with a pull-down when switched off. A simple high side switch would also be convenient, but I’ve been looking for H bridges because there seems to be much more choice in this area due to robotics applications. I would prefer not to use an arduino-like, stacked with a shield, to avoid problems with connections.
The DMC02 would be a right choice but I need to write my own program and flash it. Is this possible? Or anyone could propose an other product?

The TReX Jr Dual Motor Controller (DMC02) is not user programmable.

I recommend our Orangutan family of robot controllers, as they have integrated programmable microcontrollers and dual motor drivers (they can also be powered by a 12V battery):

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for this clear answer.
The baby Orangutan does not fit, it uses the TB6612 which is limited up to 13,5V. A lead-acid battery reaches 14,4 (and up to 14,8 V @ -25°C) during charging. To keep a margin, I want to stand up to 16,5 V at least - in case of a charge regulator failure.
Other Orangutan have the same issue and the X2 is really too complex for the application. We need high reliability, low complexity…
We plan to reduce our requirements and use a single 33926 carrier directly controlled by the main board (an ARM-embedded TS 7260). Unfortunately it will not be possible to switch it off (to reduce current consumption or watchdog-reset it).