Trex DMC01 Height

Wondering what needs to be done to the Trex DMC01 to stuff it in a space 0.45" wide? It looks like removing the pin headers/screw terminal on the top board would be a start. Perhaps the capacitors would need to also be relocated off board or replaced with smaller ones? Would be operating at 7.4V so a lower voltage capacitor with same capacitance could be used.

Thanks all!



0.45" is really tight. It could be done, especially if you give up the connector between the two boards and solder them together. Are you comfortable de-soldering all of the standard parts? We could make a custom version for you here, but it would be expensive (our manufacturing and test procedures depend on those parts). The best way to go would probably for us to do some rudimentary testing on the boards individually and then send you a kit of parts that you could assemble as compactly as you could.

- Jan

Wow, company officials that answer hobbyist’s questions, I don’t think I’ve experienced such a thing before!

Hmm, I think I may have found a workaround, ie a different product lol. Dimension Engineering’s Sabertooth 2x5 seems to fit my application perfectly with a similar feature set and less fuss.

But seriously, thank you for the info. I will continue to consider Pololu in the future!