Track and sprocket for Micro metal gear

I purchased the 30:1 Micro metal gearmotor (2212). I’d like to use tracks on my robot. What sprocket would be a good fit for this.I want to use the #2077 miniture track.


I spoke with you on the phone regarding these questions, but I will post the answer here for others to see as well. We carry three different sprockets for the Miniature Track Links:

  • 8T Hex intended for use with Tamiya gearboxes
  • 8T Futaba for use with Futaba-compatible servo splines
  • 8T GM for use with Solarbotics GM gearmotors and our plastic gearmotors

We do not have a solution for using the miniature tank tracks with 3mm D-shafts like those on our micro metal gearmotors. However, we do carry a different track set (made of silicone) that is intended for the 3mm D-shaft and comes in a 22-tooth or 30-tooth version.