Torxis Servo Issue

I am having trouble using my new Torxis i00600 servo. Currently, when I send commands, the servo does not move. I am currently using an Arduino Uno with a Motoron shield; however, the power for the servo is directly from the 12V power supply – only the two communication wires are plugged into the Arduino. The Motoron shield is mainly used to run the solenoid valve.
• The code was working and the servo was moving. I then took a break, and when I came back, the servo was no longer working. The only thing that changed is I plugged in the air supply for the solenoid valve I’m using.

  • The LED light on the Arduino responds to the button. The servo just does not move, even though it is in the same chunk of code.
  • If I put the signal wire (white) and plug it into a small servo I had laying around, the servo moves and responds to the button. When I take the same wire and plug it back into the Torxis servo, it does not respond to the button.
  • Using my voltmeter, there is 12V going to the servo power wires (although they could be broken after this point). If it helps, when I check the communication wires with my voltmeter, there is around 0.5V.

Here is a picture of my setup:

testButton2.ino (1.1 KB)


I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your Torxis servo. I suspect your code isn’t working how you want it to, since the write() command accepts values between 0 and 180, and your code will start by sending a value of -45 and rapidly increase to 255 when you press the button. However, I expect the servo library to treat those the same as 0 and 180.

Could you try looking at your servo signal output with a scope to make sure it looks valid? Also, how are you powering the servo? The Torxis requires a lot of power, so you might try looking at the supply voltage with a scope to see what it does when you try to move the servo.