Tic: want to clear position uncertain flag and update current position via serial cmd

So I’ve made pretty good progress on our system design which utilizes 24 Tic controllers. The control commands are via Serial, the commands are issued from a Raspberry Pi.

Here is the crux of my current dilemma: I need to power the Tic controllers down, then power them back up and have their current position restored (the RasPi can send this information to the Tic controller) I also need to clear the position uncertain flag. I don’t seem to see a command that allows this, so the problem I have is a power off-on cycle results in all 24 axes having to home and reposition to their location prior to powering off.

Homing all 24 axes will, I estimate, be about a 15 minute process. The frequency with how often the power cycling will occur is potentially every 5 to 10 minutes, so this will be a serious delay.

The units will be operating in a high radiation (X-ray) environment which is very bad for electronics when they are powered up. Therefore we plan to power them down when the X-rays are on.

Okay, it was a coding problem, the serial commands work as I had imagined and hoped.
it is: tic.set_target_position()

Thank you but never mind.


Hello, jbower.

I am glad you were able to find the problem and get it working! Thank you for letting us know.