TIC T834 with FRsky X8R

Hi, I recently purchase a Tic T834 to drive my stepper motor and I am using a Frsky X8R to control it.

No, matter what I do, the input before scaling is still at 1503us.

I read on the forum, that’s maybe because of the X8R logic level of 3.3v and I need 5v. Is there any easy fix for it?


Hello, Ben.

A 3.3V RC signal should be fine, and since the Tic does not seem to be having a problem reading the neutral pulse width, that probably isn’t the issue.

I am not very familiar with that specific receiver, but if it is just outputting a neutral pulse width and not changing how you expect, you might double check your transmitter is properly paired and that you are using the right channel. You might also check with the manufacturer to see if there is some kind of calibration that needs to be done to get the standard servo signal range from it.


Hi Brandon,

I checked the receiver on different device and it does not work either, so I used another one and it’s working perfectly, thanks for your support


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Looks like you got a faulty product. Hope team pololu will look into this matter.

It’s the opposite, it was the Frsky receiver that wasn’t working

Oh I see. I thought that the receiver was also bought from pololu. Where did you buy the Frsky receiver from? Hobbyking or any other shop? You can contact your supplier if there is any warranty valid now.