Tic T834 Python Library

I am attempting to operate the Tic T834 through Python. I located this library (Pololu - PyTic - Python interface for Pololu Tic Stepper Motor Controllers) however it does not support Linux (I am using a Raspberry Pi 400).

I was hoping that someone could assist me in making it Linux compatible.

It states it is relative easy to do so however I have not been able to as of yet. Thank you.


Helping to develop user code is beyond the scope of our direct technical support, but the library you linked to as well as the example programs for Linux in Python from the Writing PC software to control the Tic sections of the Tic user’s guide might be useful references.

By the way, if you are planning to make your library support controlling the Tic with I2C, please note that the Raspberry Pi’s hardware I2C module has a bug that causes I2C code for the Tic to not work reliably. There is some more information about that and a work around given in the Example I²C code for Linux in C section of the Tic user’s guide:

- Patrick

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