Tic T825 I2C Current Limit


I wanted to confirm how to set the current limit via I2C encoding. This link (Pololu - 6. Setting reference) states that the T825 represents current limits using numbers between 0 and 124 that are linearly proportional to the current limit. Since the max current limit for the T825 is 3968 mA, does that mean that each number between 0-124 corresponds to a 32 mA change in the current limit? Or am I misunderstanding how it works?

Thanks for the help


Yes, you are understanding it correctly. However, as described under the “Current limit” heading under the Setting reference section of the Tic user’s guide that you linked to, due to hardware limitations, not all of these current limits are actually achievable.The values that are achievable are detailed in that section.


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Great, thanks!

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