TIC T825: Fixed Speed and Position Control

Hello together,

I am using a TIC825 Stepper Board to control a Stepper motor.


Step-Angle: 18°
Current per Phase: 150mA
Rotation-Speed: 100pps to 700pps (I want to use 500pps)

I have the problem, that I don´t know, which commands I have to use to rotate the Stepper 50 rotations left, take a break and then rotate 100 rotations right…
For that case, I want to use the speed of 500pps.

How can I set the speed? And after setting the speed, how can I drive to defined positions (e.g. 50 rotations left…)

Kind Regards

Hello, Matthias.

If you are controlling the Tic from a PC, the “Command Reference” section of the Tic user’s guide has a list of commands and there is a general reference for using the ticcmd utility in the Setting up USB control section of that user’s guide. You should be able to perform movements like that with the following command sequence:

Set max speed - This should be the step-rate you want to use
Set starting speed - If you set this to the step-rate you want to use; the driver will not perform any acceleration limiting
Halt and set position - You can use this to reset the current position to zero
Set target position -Once the current position is zero, you can use this to set a new target position a certain number of steps away.

If any of those instructions are unclear, please let me know.